A decade long "The Office" mystery revealed!

A major "The Office" mystery was just revealed by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer!

A decade long "The Office" mystery revealed!

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Many fans have debated for literally more than a decade about the biggest mystery related to the U.S. version of the show "The Office" and no one could find out the identity of Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin) baby’s dad! We all remember when Jan revealed that she was pregnant in season 4 and how Michael thought he was the father until she said that she used a sperm donor while they were still dating!

Some still remember her legendary explanation on why she decided to use a sperm donor instead of a guy she was in a relationship with:

 “If I was 22 and I had lots of time to have lots of children, then sure let’s let Michael have a shot at one of them but honestly I need to make this one count.”

However, while we were clear on the why, we never found out the “who”, well until now!

A few years back the actresses of two of the main female characters Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey launched a podcast called Office Ladies Podcast and it was during the May 5 podcast that this secret was revealed! They were discussing the episode and recalling everything when they shared that while the identity of Jan’s baby daddy was never revealed to the public, it was revealed in the shooting draft script which never made it to the deleted scenes!

Of course, as everything The Office related the reveal is hysterical! Turns out that Jan bought a celebrity sperm! And not just any celebrity’s sperm, but the successful tennis player Andy Roddick’s sperm!

As for the why they specifically chose Andy Roddick, well it is because the star athlete was very good friends with Rainn Wilson and even visited the set of the show.

While we all witnessed Jan’s questionable choice of boyfriends, she sure did know how to pick a good sperm donor!

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By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers