Adele moved to LA because she can't afford London house prices

Although she has a loyal army of fans who glorify her, the famous British singer became the object of ridicule after she revealed the real reason for moving to another continent

Adele moved to LA because she can't afford London house prices

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In her last interview, which was published in British and American Vogue, and on the occasion of the release of her new album after a long break, the famous singer revealed the reasons for her move from London to Los Angeles. As she said, life in London was too expensive for her.

Adele's fans did not welcome this statement with enthusiasm, especially when it is known that she set aside as much as $ 30 million for three villas in Los Angeles and that her fortune was estimated at $ 177 million.

"And the kind of house I have in LA I could never afford in London. Ever," said Adele who has as many as 15 Grammys in her collection.

As she admitted, during her life in London she spent most of her time driving a car or in an apartment, adding that she always dreamed of living somewhere where there is fresh air and where she will finally be able to see the sky.

Of course, this immediately prompted social media users to start joking about her. 'Adele with so much money can't afford a house in London? Who's crazy here? ' one user wrote while another added, 'She owns three houses in Los Angeles worth $ 30 million, but can't afford a house in London?'

She bought her first house in Los Angeles, specifically in Beverly Hills, in 2016 for $ 9.5 million, and three years later she bought a house next to it for $ 10.65 million. The third, located next to the first two, was bought in May this year for $ 10 million from Nicole Richie.

By: Helen B.