Betty White is keeping busy during quarantine!

We've got some good news for all you Betty White fans!

Betty White is keeping busy during quarantine!

Photo Credits: Amanda Edwards | GETTY IMAGES

Over a year since the pandemic started and Hollywood's number one lady is healthy and thriving at home, still, she's eagerly waiting for summer when she can enjoy the nice weather and take back her freedom 

Betty's been keeping herself entertained with books, watching TV, and doing crossword puzzles, or at least that's what her manager, Jeff Witjas says. We've been informed that during the pandemic the only thing that got worse are her social skills. 

However, she still writes and calls her friends regularly. And sometimes even interacts with her loved ones through a glass window barrier. 

Betty has always loved animals, but unfortunately, right now, she does not have a pet. Being separated from her friends and family is hard enough on its own we can't imagine how she feels. What she does have though, are a couple of ducks who roam her property and stride up to her door to say hello every morning 

Regarding her vaccination, her manager and herself choose to keep it a private matter. 

It is uncertain if Betty going to be working ever again. But after such a successful career we can say that she deserves a break.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers