Bill and Melinda Gates splitting after 27 years of marriage!

The Gates couple recently announced their divorce after being married for 27 years.

Bill and Melinda Gates splitting after 27 years of marriage!

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The whole world was in shock when Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they were splitting - however, according to their divorce papers, their split will go by without any difficulties.

It was Melinda Gates, 56, who filed for a legal separation from her extremely rich husband, 65, who is also one of the founders of Microsoft. She filed the papers on Monday and judging by them, the couple decided to have a separation agreement set up.

An established divorce lawyer, Randy Kessler further explained that this meant that the individuals have resolved any and all issues between themselves.

Kessler also notes that the parties have resolved the issues such as division of property, support, and children custody by themselves through the aforementioned contract and therefore the court won’t have to it for them.

He says that they have probably already agreed on what their children will have, and he praised the Gates family and their lawyers on the way they handled the situation and solved everything without the meddling of the media or a judge.

The husband and the wife took to Twitter to announce that they were getting a divorce after being together for almost 3 decades. They said that they no longer believed that they could grow as a couple.

When Melinda’s divorce papers were obtained, she stated that the reason for their separation was that their marriage was "irretrievably broken". In the document she did not ask for any kind of support, she just asked that the court reinforce their separation contract.

However, she did file an automatic temporary request setting monetary limitations which meant that neither she nor Bill could make changes to insurance policies or sell any of the properties if it was not agreed upon in writing beforehand or ordered by the court.

Their court date is due in April of 2022, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution date is in March of the same year.

Bill and Melinda first met when Microsoft was just a start-up, and later got married in a romantic ceremony in Lanai, Hawaii on New Year’s Day.

Their years together have been blessed by the three children among which is a son Rory John who is now 21, and two beautiful daughters Phoebe Adele who is 18 and their first one was Jennifer Katharine who is currently 25. The couple also launched one of the largest private foundations in the world in 2000 called the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

When it comes to their net worth, Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world and according to Forbes holds a net worth of $130.5 billion. As of 2014, he is no longer a chairman at Microsoft, however, he still holds 1.34 percent of its shares. As for Melinda’s net worth, it is currently still not publicly disclosed.

 By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers