Brian Helgeland reminisces on Heath Ledger

A Knight's Tale is celebrating its 20th anniversary and director Brian Helgeland is reminiscing on the fantasy film, and the star of it, Heath Ledger.  

Brian Helgeland reminisces on Heath Ledger

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The main focus of the film is the peasant boy William Thatcher played by Heath Ledger, who is on a quest to change his destiny, and win the heart of the beautiful maiden Shanynn Sossamon.  

With the help of his companions (Mark Addy, Paul Bettany, Alan Tudyk), he must face the ultimate test of medieval gallantry-a jousting tournament- along the way he tries to figure out if he has the wits to become a living legend.  

Brian talked about how Heath himself suggested changing the iconic dance scene  

The original scene contained the song from KC and the Sunshine band Get Down Tonight, while Heath suggested David Bowie's Golden Year.  

“When Heath wanted to sell you on something, you could tell in a second,” he recalled. “He would assume this kind of boyishness to him; he’d become nine years old, like out of a Dickens story, like the Artful Dodger.”

He also said that whenever Heath wanted to pitch something to him he had the biggest grin on his face. He was also very strong-minded and would always try to convince you that his idea was the right one.  

Choreographer Stuart Hopps also supported the change.  

Brian said he loved Heath's music choice, it had a modern feel and in itself gave the whole dance a more contemporary vibe, and made the actors let loose and dance freely.  

He was also looking back on Heath's spirit during the filming of the film, he mentioned how he never saw something like it in his career. Every person instantly fell for him, everyone on the set loved him and he loved them all back.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers