Cameron Diaz finally revealed why she left Hollywood!

It’s a matter of good relationships and connections to get a chance to do an interview with Cameron Diaz. The former acting star has rarely appeared in public since she left Hollywood and started living away from the spotlight, so this interview with Kevin Hart is a real refreshment.

Cameron Diaz finally revealed why she left Hollywood!

Photo Credits: Backgrid USA / Profimedia

Her decision to leave Hollywood and retire from acting, which few dare to do today, shocked the world a few years ago, but not today’s 48-year-old Cameron Diaz, who didn’t make that decision overnight. Visiting a talk show by fellow actor Kevin HartHart to Heart, Cameron admitted that she decided on the move because, because of the acting and films she made, she simply didn’t have a life of her own.

As she said, when you do something for a long time and give yourself completely, you 'sign' that other people care about you and your life. She added that as she approached her 40s, she realized that she hadn't even thought about many things in her life, let alone cared.

I can’t say it’s not fun because I love acting,’ said Cameron Diaz, adding that she only now feels fulfilled: ‘I just wanted to take life into my own hands. I wanted to have my daily routine and where I would do everything myself. '