Catherine Zeta-Jones scared that her kids will have difficulties becoming actors because of their celebrity parents!

Could it be possible that we are about to witness the next generation of one of the longest dynasty of actors in the industry?

Catherine Zeta-Jones scared that her kids will have difficulties becoming actors because of their celebrity parents!

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On the Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday one of the guests was the renowned actress Catherine-Zeta Jones and one of the main subjects she talked about were her kids!

Carys Douglas, her daughter who just turned 18 is (no surprise here) also interested in acting. The case is the same with her son also, Dylan Douglas who is 20.

She talked to Barrymore about how their passion for acting is very strong, and that even though they haven’t done any professional work they would love to someday.

The son of the late actor Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas is the father of Carys and Dylan and of course, he gave them some advice on how to break out of someone’s shadow and make their own path in the industry.

Speaking to Drew Barrymore, who is also Hollywood royalty — her father was John Drew Barrymore, his father was John Barrymore, his siblings were Ethel and Lionel Barrymore, Catherine explained how her kids were warned they were always going to be compared to their parents:

Considering that Drew Barrymore also comes from a family of Hollywood actors, she and Catherine had a productive conversation on how the kids are always being compared to their family. She said that Michael warned them that they will have to work much harder just to break out of the label automatically put on them. She said how they will have to prove themselves even more just for being children of a well-established name in the industry and how none of that made them want to give up.

However, we think that they won’t come across such hardships. Yes, everyone will compare them to their parents, but it is a burden they will have to carry, on the plus side everyone will be interested in the newcomers, the kids of legendary actors. And that is one hell of an advantage!

Nevertheless, Catherine emphasized that no matter what path her kids choose, she just wants them to be happy and healthy, everything else that comes along is just a bonus to her.

What do you think? Is it harder or easier to be a child of an actor? Let us know in the comments below!

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers