Cristiano Ronaldo's sister hospitalized!

After becoming infected with the coronavirus, and her condition became complicated, Cristiano Ronaldo's older sister, 43-year-old Katia Aveiro, reported from the hospital on her Instagram profile, revealing that she is struggling with pneumonia and urging everyone to be careful.

 Cristiano Ronaldo's sister hospitalized!

Photo Credits: Profimedia

That the disease rarely bypasses someone has been shown in the case of the older sister of the famous Cristiano RonaldoKatia Aveiro, 43, was hospitalized at Dr. Nelio Mendonca Hospital, located in their native Madeira, where their mother was last year after emergency surgery when she suffered a stroke.

And while Cristiano Ronaldo was even twice positive for coronavirus, even though he was asymptomatic, in his sister’s case the disease was much more severe.

The former singer, now an influencer, who lives in Brazil most of the year and who gained her popularity through her famous brother, which is why she is followed by 1.2 million people on Instagram, contacted her fans from the hospital, revealing that her coronavirus situation has become complicated and that it resulted in a more severe form of pneumonia.

As she revealed in a lengthy post, although at first, she did not want to post anything, out of respect for those who follow her and care about her, she decided to share everything with the public.

'I got infected with this damn virus. The test on July 17 showed that I was positive and have been in self-isolation at home ever since. I felt good, had only minor symptoms, and followed all the instructions. Unfortunately, last Friday my condition worsened. I was admitted to the hospital and I am currently there, doing everything in my power to recover as soon as possible. Thank God I have the best medical team ', wrote Katia Aveiro and posted a photo showing her receiving oxygen, but also medication intravenously.

By the way, the 43-year-old has until recently complained quite loudly about the situation caused by the coronavirus, believing that the authorities are exaggerating with decisions and prohibitions. But now she has changed her mind.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers