Dave Bautista talks about his role of Drax the Destroyer!

In a recent interview, Dave Bautista talked about how has his most prominent role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy affected his life.

Dave Bautista talks about his role of Drax the Destroyer!

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In a recent interview the ex- WWE competitor had with Collider, he spoke about what we should expect in the third volume of the hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy and his feeling as regards to Marvel dropping the ball with his character.

During the interview, when they talked about the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Dave explained that he felt Marvel didn’t take the chance to tell more of Drax’s backstory in the movies.

Dave said that the role really influenced his life path, and now after having stared in four films he wishes that more effort was put into Drax’s story.

Dave added that he thinks that Drax has a great backstory on which Marvel dropped a ball. He explained that the focus was mainly pointed at the comedic side of him because people loved it and that because of it some great stuff about him was just pushed to the side. He regrets this as a performer because it would’ve given him a chance to explorer the character emotionally.

However, he concluded the interview by saying that he thinks that they completely missed a “huge boat” on the character of Drax and that it is not coming back around. Nevertheless, he still looks forward to completing the whole journey he had with this franchise.

The Guardians of the Galaxy has a release date in 2023 and the filming should start soon.

 By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers