Even with no makeup, Georgina Rodriguez, draws sighs!

Georgina Rodriguez shone on the red carpet in Venice, while the paparazzi caught her in a slightly more relaxed edition.

Even with no makeup, Georgina Rodriguez, draws sighs!

Photo Credits: Getty Images/Backgrid

The model Georgina Rodriguez (27), hasn't failed to deliver an inspiring outfit in Venice where she came to the film festival without fiancé Cristiano Ronaldo (36).

After delighting in a light blue dress with lace and a jacket of the same color, she walked the red carpet in another elegant all-blue edition.

This time she chose a dark shade of blue, and she wore a tight jumpsuit, which put her lush cleavage in the foreground, and she slung her jacket over her shoulders again.

She parted her hair and showed off a new, shorter hairstyle, and spiced up the combination with jewelry, of which the glittering diamond necklace stood out in particular.

And while she knocked everyone off their feet on the red carpet, she later showed her other, more relaxed side.

Without glamorous clothes and without make-up, with tousled hair and a mask over her face, it was not very easy to recognize her, but she walked confidently to the boat and did not hide from the paparazzi.

And on this occasion, she did not fail to emphasize the cleavage, and the narrow top emphasized her feminine figure.

By the way, Georgina met Ronaldo in 2016 at an exclusive party. She was then working at Gucci’s store in Madrid and was fired after being filmed with a football player on a date at Disneyland Paris because her bosses didn’t like media attention.

In 2017, the couple had a daughter, Alana Martin, who is the footballer’s first biological child, while his other three children were born to surrogate mothers.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers