Gigi Hadid took a walk with her daughter: The stroller caught everyone's eye

Many fans are wondering why is Gigi always alone with her child.

Gigi Hadid took a walk with her daughter: The stroller caught everyone's eye

Photo Credits: Raymond Hall / GETTY IMAGES

American model Gigi Hadid (26) was photographed while she was going to lunch with her daughter Kai in New York, and on that occasion, she was pushing a very expensive pram.

The beautiful model went to "The Smile" restaurant in a relaxed outfit combined with a golden stroller "Cybex by Jeremy Scott Wings Collection" which cost about 2,500 euros.

Hadid was all in white - she wore white pants with zircons and a white T-shirt, while she wore white sneakers and olive green socks on it all.

The beautiful model completed the whole look with brown sunglasses and a lot of jewelry, and everyone is wondering where her partner Zayn is.

"Why is she always alone with a child?", "Where's Zayn", "She's still beautiful", "I think she needs a rest", "Who else needs a stroller with golden wings haha?", Were the comments of the fans.

She was born into a wealthy family, and her mom Yolanda was also a successful model, and she also earned money by filming the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

On the other hand, her father Mohamed is a real estate trader, whose fortune is estimated at more than 100 million dollars.

But even though her parents allowed her and her sister Bella, who is also a top model, to grow up comfortably, Gigi acquired her fortune, which according to the latest estimates is around 29 million dollars, completely by herself, as her father recently revealed on Instagram.

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