Gigi Hadid was number 1, until her younger sister found a top doctor

The famous Hadid sisters celebrated Bella’s 25th birthday together, and here’s how they got ready for a crazy night in New York.

Gigi Hadid was number 1, until her younger sister found a top doctor

Photo Credits: Profimedia

She is known as the most beautiful woman in the world, and a few days ago she celebrated her 25th birthday. We are, of course, talking about Bella Hadid, a woman who is either adored or denied everything she has achieved so far, and she has achieved really a lot.

A large part of the public believes that he and her sister's careers can be attributed exclusively to the famous last name, and above all to their manager - Yolanda Hadid.

It was she who allegedly forced Bella to undergo numerous surgeries to transform her appearance, on which she earned millions. We all remember when she banned her older daughter Gigi from playing volleyball on the popular reality show 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' so as not to 'spread' too much, and without hesitation commented that she was afraid her daughter would become gay because she always wears wide basketball jerseys. ‘You’ll have to choose: modeling or volleyball. A masculine sport or a feminine career ', Yolanda told her briefly.

Still, it is Bella and Gigi who are among the most sought-after and paid models in the world today, and the question is whether they would have been if their mother had not taken the helm of their lives into her own hands.

Now the popular sisters have celebrated Bella’s birthday together, and the location was, of course, New York. The paparazzi photographed them in the company of friends, and the ladies, as usual, captured the most attentionThe celebrant appeared in a black combination of a top and a skirt with which she combined a leopard handbag, while her older sister Gigi next to her looked as if she had come out in her pajamas.

She wore a wide beige jumpsuit over which she wore an oversized, black leather jacket and low shoes, and tied her hair in a bun.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers