Guns N' Roses have released a new song but we still can't take our eyes off Axl Rose's new face

Only a rocker who can't accept growing old is worse than a failed rocker, people comment on photos from one of the last concerts of the group Guns N 'Roses, which has not returned to tour but is also releasing new music. Axl Rose, often dabbed as the most desirable musician in the world, looks a little different today, but sings equally well.

Guns N' Roses have released a new song but we still can't take our eyes off Axl Rose's new face

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Guns N' Roses have released a new song "Hard Skool", which was originally recorded for the album "Chinese Democracy", which brought the band back on stage. It is expected that during the next week, they should officially present all the new songs that Axl Rose and Slash have been working on together.

They continued with performances and one of the strongest impressions for the audience is still the new look of the famous rocker and singer of this cult band. For some time now, Axl Rose has not looked like the young man who broke hearts on the stage in the 1990s, and the fact that he lived the life of a rock star is best seen on his face.

Axl is 59 years old, but for some reason, he is trying to hide it with cosmetic procedures. Some are less and some more successful, but it is known that the singer first had nose surgery, before disappearing from public life for a while while struggling with obesity.

However, when he appeared, the media received information that he had started receiving hair transplants, and then photos emerged showing that he tried to tighten his wrinkles.

There was everything, Botox, facial tightening, although he never wanted to admit it. Even people who work closely with him claim that everything is natural on the singer, although it is enough to look at the photos ... At the same time, the mystery is why he would be ashamed to talk about aesthetic procedures that are so common today.

In addition, the life that Axl Rose has been so fascinating that it is completely unbelievable that he is burdened with such things at all. Some of the stories circulating about him and the band are so incredible that they are considered urban legends, but there is no doubt that a good part of them are true. At a concert in St. Louis, someone filmed him from the audience.

He stopped the song, told the bouncers to remove an unauthorized photographer from the audience, which they did not do. Axl was so angry that he just said he wouldn’t sing anymore, turned around, and went home. Or, for example, he traveled for a while with a huge stuffed elephant that he wanted to take with him on an overseas flight. He bought a ticket for that toy and paid $ 10,000. On one occasion, he bit a security guard when he tried to calm him down during an argument with a girl he was with at a hotel in Switzerland.

Listen to the new song here!

By: Sarah R.