Hannah Brown revealed her DMs with Taylor Swift

Hannah Brown revealed her DMs with Taylor Swift, and her boyfriend did the same with Billie Eilish!

Hannah Brown revealed her DMs with Taylor Swift

Photo Credits: Jim Spellman/GETTY IMAGES

Hannah Brown revealed that she had to get rid of direct messages she sent to Taylor Swift, and she explained why.  

The reality star said that she and her boyfriend played a game of Never Have I Ever and came up with the idea to show what have they messaged some celebrities. 

Hannah said she usually DMs women that she adores. “It’s usually girls that I’m like, obsessive about. Like Taylor Swift,” Hannah said. “Oh my God, if she saw the messages. I had to go back and like, remove a number of my messages I sent her.”  

Then, Adam revealed he had messaged Billie Eilish before Hannah mentioned the 19-year-old singer is very young. Adam responded that it had been not in aexceedingly inappropriate way. 

He explained that at the moment he had just watched Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone attend Olive Garden, and then he saw a video of Billie Eilish and thought that she is so cool. He just wanted to get to know her.

He removed the messages the next day, but he just said that she seems cool. 

By: Deya - Gossip Whispers