Judge Judy opens up about her incredible salary

Judge Judy opens up about her massive salary!

Judge Judy opens up about her incredible salary

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The long-time star Judge Judy spoke about her experiences, including her record-breaking salary.  

The Judge negotiated an impressive salary of a reported $47 million per season with CBS. 

“I told the company that I worked for: ‘I want to be more of a partner,” she said. 

She told them not to treat her like a paid employee because she created a deal where she could make the show without them, but they could not make it without her. She could take Judy Sheindlin anywhere else, and then she wished them good luck in finding someone better than her. 

She also spoke about relaxing at home after work. 

When she has a frustrating day at work, which she does occasionally, it gives her a deal of pleasure to get out the silver polish and do some frames around the house or cleaning up a pair of old earrings. She wants things to be perfect. 

By: Deya - Gossip Whispers