Meghan Markle - now a children's book author!?

Meghan Markle continues to prove her versatility!

Meghan Markle - now a children's book author!?

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 This Tuesday it was announced that Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has written a book! It is a children’s book called “The Bench” which was inspired by Markle’s husband Prince Harry and their son Archie Harrison!

Meghan explained that the whole idea started when she wrote a poem for Prince Harry as a gift for Father’s Day a little after a month of their son’s birth. In the book, the focus will be on the exploration of the bond between a father and a son, of course, observed through a mother’s point of view. The poems will be paired with amazing illustrations by Christian Robinson, a Californian bestselling artist, who spent his childhood raised by his grandmother in a studio flat along with his brother, aunt, and two cousins.

She also points out that her goal was to tell the story in a way that included a very diverse group of fathers and sons; nevertheless, she still referenced her husband and son all throughout the book. One of the references is the illustration portraying a ginger soldier wearing an Army cap in the American-style and holding a baby boy while a crying woman watches on from a window. This of course represents her husband Prince Harry who served a tour in Afghanistan with the Blues and the Royals.

For this book, Markle chose the pen name “Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex”.

So far Meghan Markle’s writing debut sounds amazing! You can already purchase the book for $18.99, or if you’re more interested you can purchase the audiobook which the Duchess narrated herself for $4.99!

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers