Handbag collection worth millions: Rihanna has a lot to brag about

Rihanna has replaced the music industry with that of fashion and beauty, she has become the richest showbiz icon of today, and now she has discovered a new obsession - expensive fashion accessories.

Handbag collection worth millions: Rihanna has a lot to brag about

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Someone once tried to list all the handbags owned by the musician and owner of the beauty and fashion empire Fenty. But he got lost after the hundredth piece, for a very simple reason: Rihanna has a collection that even her much older colleagues would not be ashamed of.

Namely, at 33, she managed to gather a collection of handbags from the most famous luxury brands, which includes the most famous models that they have presented over the years. RiRi especially enjoys vintage models that are almost impossible to come by. Rare pieces, priced at tens of thousands of dollars, are her new obsession, and the throne is occupied by the French fashion house Chanel and their bags from the collections of the 90s, which today everyone wants to copy to be cool.

Of course, Rihanna owns Chanel handbags, but they weren't her obsession before. She enjoyed Louis Vuitton's unique pieces, and she was the first to own the last Bottega models. However, Chanel's quilted models became her new passion. Just like the love romance with fellow rapper ASAP Rocky with whom he has been enjoying every spare moment in recent months. Rihanna, as she says on Instagram, is over the moon with a classic Chanel handbag with a flap. It all started with a photo in a sexy bikini with a cherry print on which a self-proclaimed naughty girl slung two exceptional black Chanel pieces over her shoulder. Purses that hold only credit cards and lipstick symbolized luxury.

These unique handbags are so hard to come by that they are really true examples of rare fashion luxury, and Rihanna got them from insiders who sell rare pieces from private collections. In the last five years, since she put her music career in the background, Rihanna has become one of the girls who found happiness in fashion, that is, in designing and presenting make-up products that bring her unprecedented profit

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By: Helen B.