Nathan Meads: 'I can't live! Women bother me maniacally, even spies, and I'm not looking for a partner at all '

I was even contacted by Dorien Rose, Angelina Jolie’s famous double. She couldn’t believe she had never worked with me, says Nathan Meads.

Nathan Meads: 'I can't live! Women bother me maniacally, even spies, and I'm not looking for a partner at all '

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One would think that resemblance to one of the sexiest men in the world is a great thing and an advantage, not just a nice topic to talk about at parties. But Nathan Meads, 35, a single father from Oxford in the UK, an almost perfect double of Brad Pitt, 57, claims that this great resemblance also brings him problems.

Nathan complained to The Mirror reporters about the miserable love life his appearance is to blame. He also told how he had to delete his profiles on dating sites and social networks because women thought his profiles were fake. Some accused him of catfishing, and some began to bother him maniacally, even stalking him.

Meads admits that his appearance a la Brad Pitt brought him a solid income, much more money than he can earn in his job as a construction worker. They started hiring him as a double three years ago.

- I was already told as a 20-year-old that I looked like Brad Pitt. The comparisons never stopped, but I never paid attention to them - he told The Mirror.

- Some people went so far as to claim that my mother must have had an affair with him, that he was my father. It often happens to me that people pass by me and come back, asking to be photographed with me.

As the astonishments of the incredible resemblance to the actor continued, Nathan decided to send his photos to an agency that hires doubles. They quickly replied that they wanted to work with him.

- I was even contacted by Dorien RoseAngelina Jolie's famous double. She couldn’t believe she had never worked with me,” said Nathan who earns between £ 200 and £ 500 a day per performance. He also admitted that he feels a bit unusual at gigs where he hangs out with a variety of teams from showbiz, supermodels, and reality stars.

"It's strange because I'm not a celebrity, I'm an ordinary man," he explained.

- Besides, I'm not too excited to meet celebrities, I'm not fascinated.

Proof that Meads is serious is also that he turned down offers to participate in popular reality series like “Big Brother” and “Survival Of The Fittest”. He turned them down because he thinks it’s not for him, he doesn’t want to chase fame, and he certainly doesn’t want to be separated from his daughters for a few months. He also said that maintaining Brad Pitt's appearance is not difficult for him. On the contrary.

- I rarely exercise. I do hard physical work that keeps me in shape. I don’t even eat too healthy. It seems to me that I am simply lucky because all I have to do is carefully maintain my beard - he explained to The Mirror.

In short, in the life of a single dad from Oxford, everything would be great if there were no problems with women.

- After everything that happened, I decided to move away from dating sites and be solo. Honestly, I’m not looking for a partner at the moment anyway. My daughters are my priority and my whole world. I’m really not looking for my Angelina - says Nathan who hasn’t had a chance to meet Brad yet and hopes it will happen someday. But he considers him a great actor, and it seems to him that he is a great gentleman and a family man, so he sees a resemblance between himself and a Hollywood star.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers