New details of the "Sex and the City" sequel revealed: Big lives!

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth, the popular "Big", were seen on Sunday filming a scene for the sequel to the series Sex and the City called "And Just Like That ...", on the Pont des Arts in Paris

New details of the "Sex and the City" sequel revealed:  Big lives!

Photo Credits: Profimedia

The pedestrian bridge is very popular among couples who write their names on padlocks and lock them behind the fence and then throw the keys into the river Seine as a sign of their unbreakable love.

By the way, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth filmed the last scene of the first part of the Sex and the City series in Paris, when Mr. Big came for Carrie, who was in the city of love with her new boyfriend at the time. Of course, the two of them reconciled, considering that it was the end.

As many speculate that Chris' character will die in the sequel, or there is speculation that Big and Carrie will eventually divorce, this scene has delighted many fans of both the series and their love.

Filming of the series began in June this year in New York, and the entire team took a short break in September due to the death of one of the actors.

Let us remind you, the production announced that this season will follow the life of three fifty-year-old women in New York, that is, their relationships, friendships, and careers.

The new series was conceived in 10 episodes, but due to the great interest, the production decided to shoot the second season as well. The plot will follow well-known characters and their middle-aged life, but without Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall in the previous show.

By: Sarah R.