New Facebook feature - Neighborhoods

A new app is getting ready to be launched by Facebook with the intention of connecting neighbors and curating neighborhood–level news. Currently, this app, predictably called Neighborhoods, is, for now, available only in Canada, however, soon it will be released in the U.S. and made available for U.S. consumers to test.

New Facebook feature - Neighborhoods

Photo Credits: NurPhoto | GETTY IMAGES

As we mentioned before, the app has been available for almost 6 months, i.e. since October last year, but only to the recruited users of Calgary, Canada.

The app Neighborhoods allows Facebook users to open a separate subprofile which they can fill with other interests and a custom bio. It gives the choice to join your own lower-case neighborhood or you can even join the surrounding neighborhoods and go on about kids these days, grumble about porch pirates, and so on, in a sense everything you can do on Nextdoor.

Facebook also took into account all the intense moderation problems on Nextdoor, therefore they decided to have a set of moderators who will be dedicated to Neighborhoods so they can review comments and posts in order to maintain them relevant to the subject and kind. The deputized users will have the option to strike up conversations and do some moderation. This new Facebook feature will also have blocking options.

When it comes to privacy, we have to be aware that it is Facebook after all. The app isn’t independent; therefore all your usage of the app will result in helping serve you targeted ads anywhere else.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers