Original gift ideas for Mother's Day - Amazon Explore's virtual experiences!

Don't know what to get your mom for Mother's Day? No worries, Amazon Explore has provided a fun selection of virtual experiences, and just for Mother's Day, they are 30% off!

Original gift ideas for Mother's Day - Amazon Explore's virtual experiences!

Photo Credits: Quinn Rooney | GETTY IMAGES

The prior year we’ve had the chance to get used to all sorts of hardships, one of them is no longer going to the events, but following them virtually in order to keep safe during the pandemic. However, things are finally starting to settle down it seems, the world is slowly starting to open, but then again there are still some adventurous events that aren’t available.

Luckily, Amazon Explore has thought of everything! Considering that Mother’s Day is approaching, Amazon provided us with a plethora of amazing virtual experiences which you can purchase as soon as today! Some of the virtual experiences offered include a pasta-making class in Italy, a virtual tour and an up-close look at all the animals at Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, and a rickshaw tour through Asakusa in Tokyo! Another benefit is that they are 30% off in honor of Mother’s Day!

So depending on what your mom likes, be it shopping, traveling, animals, or anything else, there’s most likely an experience available for her. Another awesome thing is that these experiences are not pre-recorded- as soon as you schedule your event, the host will live stream directly to you. This feature enables you to take pictures, ask questions and customize your experience however you wish! (On the plus side no one can see you, so you are able to experience everything while still chilling in your PJs!)

In case you are not quite certain which of the experiences your mom would enjoy the most, you have the chance to purchase her a gift card for Amazon Explore! Be original, forget about getting your mom jewelry or flowers, and get her this unique gift! Shop virtual experiences for 30% off!