Owen Wilson refuses to meet his three-year-old daughter!

Owen Wilson still doesn’t want to meet his own daughter Lyla who has already turned three and many say she's the spitting image of the charismatic actor.

Owen Wilson refuses to meet his three-year-old daughter!

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Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has a reputation as one of the cutest and funniest in the world of film, but there's one detail from his private life his fans can’t grasp.

Namely, 52-year-old Owen refuses to meet his own daughter Lyla, whom he got with his ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates, and according to the Daily Mail, he never made any contact with her. On the other hand, he regularly communicates with his 10-year-old son Robert and 7-year-old Finn, whom he got with two different women.

"Unfortunately, he never met her," Varunie confirmed to the Daily Mail.

Varunie posted a photo of little Lyla on social media these days on the occasion of her third birthday, and many immediately commented that she irresistibly resembles her famous father.

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She confirmed in an interview two years ago that she had begged Owen to get involved in her daughter’s life, but he refused, moreover he never wanted to meet her.

"He helps financially, but it was never just about that. Lyla needs a father. It's ironic that he plays the roles of caring fathers in movies, and he's never met his own daughter," Varunie concluded.

Varunie and Owen were together for five years before the romance came to an end, and in 2018 he underwent a paternity test that showed he was indeed the father of their daughter.

The actor had a son with his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell ten years ago, whom he named Robert after his father, while he got a son Finn with personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist seven years ago.

By: Helen H.