Rebel Wilson unrecognizable!

"What happened to this woman's face," "I can't recognize her," are some of the comments!

Rebel Wilson unrecognizable!

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Actress Rebel Wilson lost 60 pounds, and because of the new photos, many commented that she completely changed, so they kept looking at her face in amazement.

Rebel was photographed during filming of "Senior Year" in Atlanta, Georgia, and she was wearing a wide sweatshirt and longer denim shorts, with her face in the foreground.

The actress is unrecognizable at first glance, so everyone zoomed in on her face and carefully looked to see if it really is Rebel, who doesn't look like herself from the period of only a year and a half ago.

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"What happened to this woman's face", "I can't recognize her", "She doesn't look like herself, her face is completely deflated", "What a transformation, her body is great, but her face is chaotic", "She's so cute anyway", " If I met her on the street, I wouldn't recognize her," are some of the comments.

Rebel often talked in interviews about her new lifestyle and said she got used to it. She exercises hard every morning, watches her diet, and takes care of her body.

Coach Jono Castano is credited with the actress's incredible transformation, and he also revealed the secret of her diet. He says that Rebel managed to make a party out of exercising, and the reason why she achieved her annual goal is actually - laughter.

At the beginning of February, the actress broke up with her 11-year-old boyfriend Jacob Bush, the successor of the company "Anheuser-Busch", which is engaged in the production of beer. After a little over a year of the relationship, the news of the break-up was also confirmed by a source close to Rebel for "ET Online", but she did not reveal the reason.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers