Rod Stewart ran from marriage and children until he met a 26 years younger photographer

The singer decided that after two failed marriages that children and marriage are not for him. Yet everything changed when he met his current wife, who is seven years younger than his eldest daughter.

Rod Stewart ran from marriage and children until he met a 26 years younger photographer

Photo Credits: PIXSELL/Instagram

Singer  Rod Stewart,  76, and his wife Penny Lancaster,  50, are currently vacationing with their sons in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in southeastern France.

Penny and Rod celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in mid-June, and have been in a relationship since 1999. In all the photos together, they look happy and content to be together, but their love story hasn't always been idyllic.

In 1999, Rod decided to live apart from his second wife, model Rachael Hunter,  51. He has been married to Hunter since 1990, but their divorce was finalized only in 2006. Together they have a daughter Renee Cecili  (29) and a son  Liam McAlister  (26).

Rod already had four children, two from his first marriage and two daughters from other relationships, before marrying Rachael. Among those children is his oldest child, daughter Sarah Streeter, 57, who is 7 years older than his wife Penny.

In 1999, Stewart publicly wrote off the idea of ​​remarrying. He met Penny by chance at a hotel, when friends challenged her to ask for an autograph.

"Instead of remarrying, I'll find a woman I don't like and give her a house," Stewart once said.

Still, he couldn’t resist the then 28-year-old Penny, and when he found out she was a photographer he invited her to photograph his concert, which she did. They failed to meet so Penny forwarded her number to his bassist. That phone number didn’t reach Rod for a full six months because the bassist felt the singer wasn’t ready for new relationships.

When Stewart finally called Penny he learned that she was engaged to her longtime partner, with whom she then broke off the relationship to be with Rod. In 2005, Stewart asked Penny’s parents on the way to Paris for her hand, and they of course agreed.

Stewart proposed to Penny at the Eiffel Tower. For the couple, that year is also special in that they had their first son,  Alastair Wallace  (15). They got married in 2007, and then in 2011, they had another son,  Aiden Patrick  (10). Aiden is Rod’s youngest and eighth child.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers