"The Sakura" 15.81-carat gem sold at Hong Kong auction at a price of $29.3M! So far the most expensive purple-pink diamond sold!


Photo Credits: visual7 | GETTY IMAGES

This "flawless" gem is named after the Japanese word for cherry blossom, and according to Christie's, it is the largest diamond to go under their hammer. In a press statement from Vickie Sek (chair of Christie's jewelry department), this auction 
is "an important chapter in jewelry auction history".

Placed on a plain platinum ring, the gem is classified as internally flawless (any blemishes are visible only under magnification), and the color is described as "fancy vivid", considering that only 4% of pink diamonds so far have color this intense. Most of the diamonds so far have a lot of graining, therefore this exact shade of cherry blossom is rightfully described as internally flawless. Also, its size of 15.81 carats is so rare, that according to Christie's, less than 10% of pink diamonds weigh more than 0.2 carats. Pink diamonds come in a variety of shades, and "Sakura's" notable purple undertone is mesmerizing.

The estimated price of $29M fell short of Christie's expectations of $38M, however, it still broke the record of its predecessor which was worth $29.29M. Until now the holder of the record was 14.8 carat pink stone called "The spirit of the Rose", and it sold at Southey's in Geneva. Sotheby's Hong Kong auction from 2017, and pink diamond "CTF Pink Star" (from the Hong Kong jeweler's Chow Tai Fook) with its 59.6 carats is still the most expensive polished diamond of any color ever sold! Price reached the amazing $71.2M.

Despite the Coronavirus and its influence on global markets, at Sunday sale, a heart-shaped pink diamond ring was sold for $6.5M, and a diamond pendant necklace for $2.7M. According to Bain & Co diamond sales dropped by 20% globally last year, and the US jewelry sales suffered a 40% drop in second quarter of 2020.

By: Vitza - Gossip Whispers