Seth Rogen wrote about George Lucas in his new book!

Looks like Seth Rogen can't get the encounter he had with George Lucas in 2011 out of his head, given that he even worte about it in his new book.

Seth Rogen wrote about George Lucas in his new book!

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At the meeting, apparently, George came out of nowhere and started talking about the impending 2012 apocalypse.

Seth explained how the whole thing went. George came, sat down, and talked for 25 minutes about the world ending in 2012, or how at the very least that everything west of the San Andreas Fault would be covered by the ocean. He continued talking about tectonic plates and Spielberg couldn't stop rolling his eyes while listening to his friend.

Seth wrote about this chance meeting in his collection of essays titled "Yearbook" and he also recalled that Evan got George talking about the apocalypse again.
George is still convinced that it's gonna happen.

Seth also said that they made a joke and asked him could they get a seat on a spaceship if he had one to escape Earth and he said: ‘No.’ Seth thought that he wasn't joking at all and to this day he is still confounded and plagued by that story.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers