Tilda Swinton is the star of David Fincher’s new film

Oscar winner Tilda Swinton has joined Michael Fassbender and the rest of the cast in David Fincher's new film 'The Killer', a thriller based on the French comic book of the same name by Alexis Nolent, produced and distributed by Netflix.

Tilda Swinton is the star of David Fincher’s new film

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Filming was scheduled to begin this fall in Paris but was postponed to next year. 'The Killer' is the story of a cold-blooded murderer who, after many years of crimes, begins to have a guilty conscience and falls into a psychological crisis, and breaks down in a world without a moral compass.

Fincher signed a multimillion contract with Netflix in November last year and has already directed the film ‘Mank’ which came out in late 2020 on this streaming service. The film was nominated for an Oscar and starred Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried. It was inspired by the life of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz.

The news of the filming of 'The Killer' was published by the portal The Playlist, but Tilda Swinton did not publish details about her role.

The screenplay was written by Kevin Walker, who in 1995 collaborated with Fincher on the film ‘Se7en’. The first of a series of Nolent comics was published in 1998, and the last part arrived on bookstore shelves in 2017.

By: Helen B.