Tom Cruise pitched Scientology to Seth Rogen!

Seth Rogen recently talked about an interesting situation when he met Tom Cruise in the mid-2000s.

Tom Cruise pitched Scientology to Seth Rogen!

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The Ananas Express actor published a book of essays called “Yearbook” and in it, he told all kinds of stories relating to celebrities and one of them was a meeting he had with Tom Cruise. He opened up about this story during his appearance on The Howard Stern Show this week.

The 39-year-old actor said how he and his friend Judd Apatow had a meeting with Tom during the time when he just became a father to Suri Cruise in 2006, back when rumors were going wild about whether the child was fake or not.

Well, Seth got to confirm that she was real given that he met Suri.

During the show, Seth talked about how that was a strange period, everyone talked about whether Suri was real. He remembered meeting the baby and feeling sorry how she didn’t even know she was the most talked-about thing.

He also looked back on a funny story that happened on the drive to Tom’s house.

He was driving to his house and he had to pee really badly, it really didn’t help that he was already nervous about meeting Tom. He didn’t want to bring himself into an awkward situation and ask for a bathroom the minute he stepped into Tom’s house. So he came up with a solution! He stopped along the snake-long driveway, pulled out a Snapple bottle, peed in it, closed the cap, left it there, and went on to meet THE Tom Cruise!

However, karma is a funny thing!

When he was leaving he noticed a red light blinking in the woods right at the spot where he peed. He looked closer and realized it was a camera pointing right at him! And it was there when he peed as well!

During the meeting, of course, Scientology had to come up. The three of them started talking about how weird Tom looked in the media during that time.

Tom said that he thought that the pharmaceutical industry made him look bad.

Seth even depicted how Tom pitched them the Scientology faith:

“I’ll never forget the wording he used. ‘It’s like with Scientology,’ he said, ‘If you let me just tell you what it was really about… just give me like 20 minutes to, like, really just tell you what it was about, you would say, ‘No f–king way. No f–king way,’” Seth said. He added, “The wording, I was like, ‘Is that a good thing to be saying?’”

After that Seth and Judd just looked at each other, and Seth continued explaining that he was even a little scared about coming out of there in the same state he came in. He joked with Stern saying how he wasn’t sure he would be strong enough and how he was a weak-minded person. However, Judd saved the day and switched the subject back to movies.

In the end, Seth was very grateful that he wasn’t alone that day!

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By: Nitza – Gossip Whispers