Tom Cruise threatened: Either you all get vaccinated or I'm leaving!

There are no jokes with Netflix.

Tom Cruise threatened: Either you all get vaccinated or I'm leaving!

Photo Credits: AFP

From now on, the company that has ravaged the film market in recent years will demand from all actors and other staff on set - a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19. All of this is also in line with the new Hollywood protocols on returning to work.

Last week, Hollywood unions and major studies agreed on new protocols that allowed manufacturers to enforce mandatory vaccination rules, but for people in the so-called zone, that is, the cast and the people who are in close contact with them on a daily basis.

Other workers, in the so-called zones B, C, and D do not have to have vaccination certificates specified.

Netflix was among the first to come up with such rules in fear that the delta variant of the corona would disable the film industry, which would be a real financial disaster.

The issue of vaccination has already led to embarrassing situations on certain film sets, and the most drastic was the case of Tom Cruise who stopped filming until everyone in production was vaccinated.

While productions follow union orders, other parts of the industry are adapting on the go. Many premieres and festivals require either vaccination or negative COVID tests, while some are reduced compared to the delta variant.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers