Unknown details about Princess Diana's youth have leaked

Unknown details from Princess Diana's youth were revealed, among other things from the period of her life when she earned only five dollars an hour and no one had any idea about her relationship with Prince Charles.

Unknown details about Princess Diana's youth have leaked

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American entrepreneur Mary Robertson recalled some of the past few days ago and decided to talk about the hitherto unknown details of the life of Princess Diana, whom she employed as the nanny of her newborn son when she was an 18-year-old girl. Mary revealed her first impressions of the then shy and very tactful teenager in a documentary series about the late princess.

Mary hired Diana in 1980 as the nanny of her son Patrick, and it was Diana’s last job before she became Princess of Wales a few months later and married Prince Charles.

In the clip announcing the series, Mary describes Diana as a shy and naive young woman, while praising her natural talent for dealing with and caring for children.

"When Diana came to me as a shy 18-year-old nanny, she had very little experience, almost none, but she was great with Patrick. She sat with him on the floor and focused only on him," Mary recalled.

Diana worked for her three days a week, earning only five dollars an hour, and it was previously revealed that her employer had no idea of ​​her aristocratic background when she hired her, nor was she aware that she was in a relationship with Prince Charles. In an interview with Inside Edition in 2017, Mary said that she only found out about the romance when Diana warned her about the paparazzi who were waiting for her in front of the Robertson family home. 

"When you go to work this morning, you'll see reporters and photographers at the end of the street. They're here for me," Diana said one morning to Mary.

But even when Diana’s personal life became the source of many speculations and rumors, she, according to Mary, remained the same trusting young woman and full of love.

"One of her strongest characteristics was that she always wanted to make special contact with people, hug them, give them a hand, touch them. That warm, trusting, and caring personality was always there," Mary told CNN.

She added that after the royal wedding, they remained close for the next 16 years, until Diana's tragic death in Paris.

We continued to correspond for the next 16 years,” she told Inside Edition, adding that Diana sent her dozens of letters and congratulations, even inviting her and her family to visit her.

Mary attended Diana’s last farewell at Westminster Abbey, and today she describes it as the saddest and most painful hour of her life.

The new documentary series about the life of the late princess features interviews with a variety of people who knew or worked with her, including friends, court associates, and media representatives.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers