Vanessa Hudgens spills the tea on how she met the new boyfriend!

Vanessa Hudgens talks about how she met and fell in love with her new boyfriend Cole Tucker during the pandemic!

Vanessa Hudgens spills the tea on how she met the new boyfriend!

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Recently Vanessa was one of the guests on The Drew Barrymore Show and during the episode, she spilled the beans about her relationship with Cole, whom she started dating in November 2020.

The interesting thing about this is that they met during a Zoom meeting meditation call!

Vanessa gushed over her new boyfriend while telling Drew how it all happened. During the quarantine, she was single and unable to meet anyone due to pandemic so she decided to try her hand at dating apps even though she hated them. In the end, she gave up the dating apps and while she was working on a new musical Tick, Tick…Boom her friend called her and asked if she wanted to join their weekly Zoom meditation group and she accepted. Once her friend added her to their group text Vanessa said that some of the people in the group were Joe Jonas, Wilmer Valderrama and they were all sending GIFS of themselves so she sent one of herself. And the response she got was a GIF of a baseball player sliding into base and of course she had to reply with “Hot”. Finally, when they got on Zoom she and Cole met and started talking.

Afterward, she explained that if you want something you need to go after it and that is why she slid into his DM and told him that it was nice to meet him and they are still going strong to this day!

We are so happy for Vanessa and well if it worked for her, what’s stopping you from getting what you want!

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers