Wentworth Miller reveals his diagnosis!

The actor from the series "Prison Break" posted a long letter on Instagram - "I finally know what's wrong with me".

Wentworth Miller reveals his diagnosis!

Photo Credits: FilmMagic

Actor Wentworth Miller, known as Michael Scofield from the famous series "Prison Break", announced on Instagram that he was officially diagnosed with autism, after several years of a painstaking process to finally find out the cause of his lifelong problems.

Miller posted a white square on Instagram, and a lengthy text about how he finally got the diagnosis he doubted for years would turn out to be correct.
"This is not something I would change. The fact that I have autism is a central part of my identity, part of everything I have achieved. This fall marks one year since I was diagnosed with autism. I first diagnosed it myself, and then officially got diagnosed by a professional. It was a long process full of flaws, and it is necessary to better it in my opinion. I am a grown man, not a five-year-old child," the actor wrote (49).

He also explained that he had been wondering what was happening to him for years, that he had identified what the symptoms of autism were, but he underlined that he did not want to suddenly start "sounding like an expert" and thus inflict additional damage.
"My diagnosis was a shock, but not a surprise. I look at five decades of my life with new eyes. I don't want to risk being suddenly a prominent, insufficiently informed voice in public. The community gathered around autism has been silenced throughout history. Others spoke for them or 'over' them. I don't want to inflict additional harm, but just to raise my hand and say - I'm here too. And I've been for many years, I just didn't know that " the actor wrote.

Miller, also announced in 2013 that he was gay.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers